The AMS Bernisse had big plans because of the relaxation of the Corona measures.
The ship would be opened to visitors, the guides were present and the disinfectants were ordered. Everything was already published on social media.

On closer inspection, also in coordination with the other museum ships, and the problem with the
1.5-meter distance enforcement on board such a small ship as the AMS Bernisse,
it was decided to close the ship for visitors until further notice.

The necessary work on board continues, taking into account the restrictions and as soon as there are possibilities to open up the ship again, that will certainly happen.
The information will be provided as soon as available!


The last remaining AMS 60 in Western Europe

The AMS 60 type is one of the type of ships used for mine sweeping.
(AMS stands for "Auxiliary Mine Sweeper"). Of these ships there is, as far as known,
in 2019, only one in service throughout Western Europe and owned by the Foundation for the Preservation of the AMS ms BERNISSE.

This website informs you about this unique ship. 

More translations from this website will follow. Give us some time please.

The ship with the crew on a 'parade role' during a fleet review on the Schelde river near Antwerp.