Foundation for the Conservation of AMS ms BERNISSE   

The Paradise Bird Foundation was established on 2 September 1994 by notarial act.
As of 1 September 2011, the foundation was renamed by notarial deed in the Foundation for the Preservation of the AMS ms BERNISSE.

It consists of a board, employees and crew. The foundation is financially supported by donors and sponsors. The Foundation's property includes a cultural-historical monument; an AMS 60 mine sweeper.
The Foundation for the Preservation of the AMS ms BERNISSE monitors this cultural-historical maritime heritage. It is, as far as known, the only coastal mine sweeper in Western Europe of this AMS 60 class that is still in service.

The Foundation has donors, sponsors and members of working groups with a special knowledge, background or interest. Some employees contribute to the Foundation through specialized knowledge. Others because of their enthusiasm. In short, everyone who wants to make a contribution will be transported by the pleasant atmosphere and the casual cooperation.

Audience puller

The ship has now become a crowd puller in all places where it moors.
The ship makes annual visits to many maritime ones multi-day events in the Netherlands and Belgium. This offers attractive opportunities for donors and sponsors.


The board

The board consists of the gentlemen:

Chairman          Gerrit van Elst
Treasurer          Jan van Biene
Secretaries        Ben van der Linden and Ab van Ommen
Board member  Cor van Saarloos
Board member