The Bernisse, the Royal Navy and the merchant navy 

Minesweeper from the Beemster class 

There has traditionally been a close relationship between the Royal Netherlands Navy and merchant ships in the Netherlands. Many seafarers have worked at both institutions or have received their training there. One of the tasks of the Royal Netherlands Navy is to protect merchant ships. After the Second World War there were many dangerous sea mines in our coastal waters. It was obvious that after the liberation, the Royal Netherlands Navy went to work energetically to make these mines harmless as quickly as possible for safe navigation of the merchant fleet (large and short sea shipping), fishing fleet, navy and pleasure craft. The Dutch Royal Navy and the Belgian Naval Force worked closely together on the North Sea coast. Special ships, called minesweepers, were needed to defuse sea mines. Mine sweepers from the Netherlands have also cleared many mines. The later ships from the 'Beemster class' were the famous AMSs and the ships were named after Dutch cities whose name started with a B. The name of the AMS 60 Bernisse was therefore a logical consequence.

No sailing ship without volunteers and sponsors

Thanks to the efforts of motivated volunteers, the AMS 60 Bernisse is kept in optimum shape as a ship. All work on board is carried out by the crew itself with, among other things, the indispensable material and financial support of the sponsors involved. Contributions from donors also give the crew extra room for maintenance. Given the extensive sailing program every year, the ship is a welcome guest at various maritime events.