Sailing Monument and Sailing Heritage  Royal Navy


A Sailing Monument is a ship in the Netherlands, which is included in the National Register of Sailing Monuments of the Federation Sailing Heritage Netherlands.

The Dutch Sailing Heritage Federation (FVEN) is the umbrella organization for conservation organizations. The FVEN (formerly FONV) promotes the common interests of the conservation organizations, and coordinates and stimulates activities that are important for the Sailing Heritage. In addition, the umbrella organization facilitates conservation organizations, including the registration of the Dutch Sailing Heritage.

It is estimated that six thousand ships belong to this heritage.
Three thousand vessels are currently registered in the register. De Bernisse is registered in this register.


The MS Bernisse has been added to the Royal Netherlands Sailing Heritage Platform and we are very proud of this, the hard work of the many volunteers has been rewarded with this.

Together with the Friends of the Naaldwijk (ex-Hr.Ms. Naaldwijk), Sea cadet corps Delfzijl (ex-Hr.Ms. Naarden), Sea cadet corps Lemmer (ex-Hr.Ms. Roermond), Sea cadet corps Harlingen (ex-Hr.Ms. Sittard), Promotion of Maritime Traditions Foundation (formerly Mrs. Mahu), PBY Catalina flying boat 'Karel Doorman' and the Keep Them Landing Foundation are currently the Sailing Heritage Platform.