Travel reports 2019  


Travel # 1
April 24, 2019 Ash scattering

The first trip of the year was an ash scattering.
After the guests were received on board, the flag was raised at half mast and set course for the area in front of the Haringvliet locks opposite Stellendam. With a guard of honor by the crew and the diesels on 'silent', the ashes were ceremonially scattered by some family members and flowers scattered from board by the whole family.
After a round around the place of the ceremony and having blown the ship's horn three times, a new course was set for the port of Hellevoetsluis to debark the guests along the jetty at the lighthouse. It was an impressive event.

Travel # 2
April 24, 2019 Film crew

During the afternoon, a six man and woman strong film crew came on board to shoot on the open sea for a part of a documentary about D-Day in WW2. Moored past the locks of Stellendam for a while to wait, at the request of the film crew, for the weather and light conditions to be usable for the recordings. This day was very changeable as far as the weather was concerned and so the crew and the cameras were regularly treated for heavy rain showers and strong wind.
Arriving near the anchorage at Maasvlakte it was a lot quieter again and many shots were made in which a beautiful sunset played a major role.
The film crew was working until late in the evening, after which they set sail for the outer harbor, to moor there at around 11.30 p.m. It was a long but interesting day. The next day, the 25th, moored again during the morning on the Koningskade in Hellevoetsluis.

Travel # 3
01 to 6 May 2019 Zaltbommel

Under heavy cloud cover with little wind, I quickly did some painting work on the hull. The ship was made ready to sail and with the bridge at 3:00 pm a course was set for Dordrecht. While waiting at Oud Beijerland for the opening of the bridge at Dordrecht, the crew devoured the excellent macaroni dish. Moored at 17:00 on the Zwijndrecht side t.o. Dordrecht as a stopover. On May 2 after the Merwedebrug,
having passed the Baanhoek bridge and the bridge at Gorinchem at 2:30 pm moored in Zaltbommel and thanked the multi-role and diesels. Although the ship is closed for visitors, there is already an audience to view the mooring and the ship. Tomorrow, 3 May the ship will open for undoubtedly many visitors. There are about 250 visitors today, which means something for tomorrow. On 4 May, part of the crew will go as an official delegation from the 'Sailing Heritage' foundation to the commemoration of the dead organized by the municipality of Zaltbommel.

After a very busy weekend with visitors lined up to far the village of Zaltbommel and the crew at all places in the ship, the AMS's fortunes to the interested visitors told the ship prepared for departure on Monday, May 6 and the same sailed as the outward journey to Hellevoetsluis.
Missed the last turn of the bridge in the fortress and moored at 8:30 pm in the merchant harbor. Nice place to thoroughly clean the delivery ship after all those many visitors staying in and whale going. Friday to the Koningskade?

Travel # 4
May 15, 2019 PV Uniper

Under beautiful weather conditions, members of the Uniper Staff Association made the AMS 60 Bernisse a boat trip to the island of Tiengemeten. After the ceremonial hoisting of the flag, including the horn blower, the guests enjoyed a cup of coffee with cake. After a safety instruction from the chairman of the 'Foundation for the preservation of the AMS ms Bernisse' the ship departed from the merchant harbor towards Haringvliet.

The PV members enjoyed the nice weather and stayed on deck to explore the ship. In groups, they were given a tour of the entire ship, often asking how life with about 40 crew members must have been. Some crew members could give a realistic answer to that. After a delicious lunch of soup and luxury sandwiches, a new course was set for Hellevoetsluis and moored in the merchant harbor. After debarking the guests, the Bernisse left for the permanent berth on the Koningskade in Hellevoetsluis. The coming weeks the ship will be prepared for the next trip.

Travel # 5
14 to 16 June 2019 Scheveningen on flag day

Another single bunch is stuck ashore, ready for departure. Then the crew and the twelve runners, including two Belgian ex-navy men, receive safety instructions from the president of the foundation. The opening of the bridge in the fortress is going well and on the way to the lock of Stellendam the sky locks also open. That becomes barang (clothing) drying when the weather is a bit dry. That would not happen before we are in the sun on the high seas.
When approaching Scheveningen there is rendezvous with the "Mahu" that passes us at high speed, a beautiful sight. After mooring, at a sight at first sight a hidden place in the corner of the harbor at the fish auction, it turned out to be a great place later. The crew was invited to visit the herring party and some of them made use of it. The herring and the beer were offered for free and accepted with thanks. Contacts with crew members of the "Mahu" restored and questions from interested citizens answered.
Those who stayed on board enjoyed delicious spaghetti with sauce which, according to some runners, was on the sharp, so hot side. Many nightly visits to the Belgian toilet were the result.
On Saturday mornings, in pouring rain, merchant stalls were now filled with their wares and around noon the sun broke through which warmed the afternoon nicely.
It was busy at the market right in front of us on the quay and that also caused many visitors to find their way to the Bernisse. It was a nice place to be moored, with a lot of attention and against the five hundred visitors on board. That is quite tiring and spending the evening on the half deck in dry and warm weather also has something.
On Sunday around 8.30 thrown loose and set course for the sea. With a fresh breeze and stream, the journey to Stellendam is going well. Just before the lock I first ate the mustard and rye bread with bacon and after passing the lock again quickly in Hellevoetsluis. Entering the harbor as always attracts a lot of interest from the tourists who expect us to wave back, whatever happens. Ready to moor. After "multiple role thanks" the last minute to shore and a final beer in the residence. We can look back on a successful, trouble-free journey.

Travel # 6
28 June to 1 July Port Days Terneuzen
After having left the lock in Stellendam at 8:45 am on June 28th, the safety instructions for the crew followed and a couple of crew members tested the fire extinguishing system. With good weather at 2 pm for the road to Terneuzen and moored at the jetty. The crew members of other ships receive a warm welcome and the contacts are strengthened again. A few men go ashore for a moment and upon their return the entire crew is invited for a cruise on a passenger ship. Apart from those left behind, they have a nice cruise on the Westerschelde. There are many walkers on the jetty who, to their disappointment, are not allowed to visit the ship yet, only tomorrow and Sunday.
After taking a number of guests on board on the 29th at 07: 00h left for Breskens to hold up and down until the sloops of the rowing competition between Breskens and Terneuzen leave the harbor. In the meantime, we have taken on board a star chef who uses our galley to make special snacks for guests on board. The oysters that were prepared were also in great demand among the crew, just like the small bowls with special snacks.
When the rowing competition starts, almost all ships from Terneuzen have arrived and guide the rowers on their journey to Terneuzen. A beautiful sight.
After being moored again in Terneuzen, the ship opens for visitors until 5:30 pm. It is a very hot day and after having spent the evening spent on the half-deck with many runners from the other ships, including the Saeftinghe moored next to us, also a sailing showpiece.
Sunday the 30th it was cooled down and with a lot of visitors it was a good day for the Bernisse. As a conclusion a joint visit of the crew to the local Chinese who the next day due to intestinal complaints still left his mark. On July 1 at 05: 45h sailing and with beautiful weather conditions after the bridge of 13: 00h moored at the Koningskade in Hellevoetsluis.
It was a nice trip again.

Travel # 6a

July 3, 2019 The carpenter club of the Jan Blankendok
sails back and forth to Tiengemeten.

At 10 a.m., 12 enthusiastic participants in the daytime activities of the timber workshop (carpentry club) are waiting for Jan Blanken to get on board. A trip back and forth to the island of Tiengemeten awaits them and soon they were on a voyage of discovery on the ship. Yet first the safety instruction and then through the bridge to the Haringvliet.
They were not worried because there were some who had previously sailed on a ship so sea legs are no problem.
Now the weather was beautiful too, so on deck the crew got busy telling everything about the ship. The highlight was the moment that those of the group who wanted to stand behind the helm also had the opportunity. Like real sea lobes, they steered the ship over the Haringvliet.
Unfortunately lunch also had to be eaten at the baking table, that was nice of course, but then quickly back to the bridge, bin and half-deck, nice chat with the crew.
Many photos were taken during the entire trip and many photo albums are stuck at home again. When mooring and going ashore many hands were shaken and thanks were given. They had a great time and thought it was a pity that the trip was over. They preferred to keep sailing. Okay for the crew, but there also had to be carpentry so the group went back to the carpentry workshop at the dry dock Jan Blanken
That is close by, so they will sometimes wave as they pass the ship.

Travel # 7
July 18 - July 19, 2019 Visit to SS Rotterdam

On July 18, 2019 moored at the lighthouse in Hellevoetsluis and waiting for the bus with members of the "Captains Club" of the SS Rotterdam. 25 of them will sail the trip over the Haringvliet, the Spui and the Oude Maas to moor in the Maashaven near the SS Rotterdam. Along the way the necessary contacts were made to be continued later in the evening. After mooring with the entire crew to the guest ship to participate in the annual BBQ of the "Captains Club".
The buffet was set up in the "grand ballroom" and you could enjoy delicious bbq dishes inside or outside on the terrace. Only inside later on because a heavy thunderstorm broke loose.
Various crew members talked to our hosts after the evening closed. On Friday the 19th we left again and after a quiet trip with beautiful weather moored at 12:30 pm on the Koningskade in Hellevoetsluis. Next year again?

Travel # 8
No boat trip. Fortress days Hellevoetsluis

Travel # 9 Vlissingen, Terneuzen. Travel # 10 Antwerp.

29 August to 10 Sept.
On Wednesday the 28th, most crew members already came on board due to the early departure the following morning. On the 29th through the bridge from 8:00 am and through the lock in Stellendam on a flat sea on the way to Vlissingen. Arrived in the 2nd inland harbor on the quay with the Mahu next to us. For us on the quay the Naaldwijk with next to it the Sea flare. Lots of runners back and forth and old ties between sobats strengthens again. Friday the 30th a delegation to the briefing about the fleet review tomorrow at Terneuzen. A number of crew members visit the Mercuur which is located nearby in the port of Vlissingen. There are also a few men present at the memorial of the Battle of the Scheldt to commemorate the fallen 56 navy people.

On Saturday the 31st, 25 invited guests will come aboard who will be attending the fleet survey at Terneuzen from the Bernisse. The bunches go loose and a course is set for the water for Breskens, now the meeting place for the smaller ships and therefore also the Bernisse.
From the direction of Vlissingen, the larger navy ships arrive in the direction of Breskens and the smaller ships alternately join the kiellinie. De Bernisse joins in as the fourth ship.

The group is steaming in the direction of Terneuzen and is being played "parade role on post" on all ships.
The crew of the Bernisse is aligned along the entire length of the ship along the starboard ramp, which, in view of the later reactions, produced a beautiful spectacle from the shore.
The group sailed past Terneuzen where thousands of spectators at every possible place attended the event and the festivities well into the evening.
A later estimate spoke of about 180 thousand visitors.

The Bernisse moors in Terneuzen along a ship from Multraships and about 10 crew members go back with a rental van to Hellevoetsluis. They will return on board on the 4th on departure to Antwerp. The core crew gets through the days with maintenance work.

The 4th of September departed from Terneuzen with the tide so the journey goes well Arrived in Antwerp an hour wait for the lock, a bridge and then moored at the old docks, the Kattendijkdok, whose buildings are now a museum for old ships.
It is a mess on the quay and on the other side of the Kattendijk dock the Hydrograph and the Elin are also moored.
We are looking forward to our official berth in a few days in the Bonaparte dock at the MAS, "Museum Aan de Stroom" in the middle of the city near the Schipperskwartier.

On Saturday afternoon the shipping traffic in the Royers lock and on the Scheldt is blocked, necessary for the passage of the smaller ships participating in the fleet survey. The Hydrograph, the Elin and the Bernisse moor in the Royers lock and wait for the larger ships that sail past us on the Scheldt. We insert one by one between the large warships. A few miles further towards the sea, the group turns around and then sails along the banks of the Scheldt in Antwerp. Here too it is packed with spectators and just like on shore one can also hear on board the Bernisse the announcer on shore who gives text and explanation about the ships passing by in kiellinie. After reversing a few miles and once again sailing past the city, we moored after a lock and three bridges in the Bonaparte dock from where we depart the 9th of September on Monday morning. Late in the night from Monday to Tuesday we moor the 10th at the lighthouse in Hellevoetsluis, after which we arrive next morning
Mooring September 10 at our berth at the Koningskade 6.
It was quite an experience for everyone and the crew looked back on a successful trip.


Travel # 11
26 September - 30 September 2019
Visit to burner parties in Schiedam

This time a rainy journey. The whole weekend it came with baking from heaven and that also meant that few or no visitors came on board.
The highlight for the crew was the visit to the Nolet distillery for an interesting tour. The visitors were given a goody bag with you guessed it, a bottle of boiler 1.

Travel # 12
October 4 - October 7, 2019
Visit to Furieade in Maassluis

Although the berth was in the middle of the city, the number of visitors to the Bernisse was lower than expected. The weather was also guilty of this, Sunday was spent in peace and the day after it left for Hellevoetsluis.

Travel # 13
11 October
Boat trip with Commanders of the regional fire brigade.

The intention was to offer the firefighters a nice trip that would also cover the North Sea. Unfortunately, a strong wind cast a spanner in the works because the bridge at the lock in Stellendam is not operated above a certain wind force. So it became a round of Rotterdam and inevitably also along the SS Rotterdam and via the Waterweg, Oude Maas, Spui and Haringvliet back to Hellevoetsluis where mooring took place at the lighthouse. Along the way, the guests and crew enjoyed a delicious rice table that, as expected, received a high rating.

Travel # 14
oktober 12, Reunion Isaac Zweers Stanaf 1973

Moored at the lighthouse in Hellevoetsluis, the former crew members of the Isaac Zweers from 1973 arrived one by one. Everyone of them soon found his way and the strong and real stories of the past surfaced. After a trip on the Haringvliet, the return trip was ended with great pleasure at the Koningskade and most of the Zweers went home again. Apart from a few who would spend the night on board. After another delicious nasihap spent the evening and Sunday morning after breakfast everyone returned home.
For the crew it was two busy but gzellig days in which new acquaintances were concluded and old friendships were strengthened again.


Travel # 15
Oktober 16, 2019 Ash scattering
The last travel this year and a very emotional one.
The relatives were impressed by the ceremony with honor guard and horn blower.
We sailed back to Hellevoetsluis under a cloudless sky and said goodbye to a grateful family.


Travel # 16
December 8 - 12
Antwerp, dismantling parts MSC Knokke.

This is over from the MSC Knokke. The ship is moored in Antwerp and is nominated for scrapping. On behalf of the Mayor and Aldermen of Antwerp, the city harbor master symbolically offered the original steering wheel, which was used on all AMSs, to the crew of the AMS Bernisse.
Furthermore, authentic parts of the Knokke have been taken to the home port of Hellevoetsluis to be assembled in the right place.
The Bernisse has come a step closer to the original state.