Technical data   

The ship has a double oak hull. In addition to wood, only non-magnetic metal such as copper, bronze,
and aluminum to prevent the magnetic mines from responding to the passing ship. This ship was equipped for sweeping anchored, acoustic, magnetic and deep mines in the coastal waters.

Boelwerf, BN1308, M927-SPA, launched in 1954
Dimensions: 4: 4 x 8.3 x 2.6 meters
Max Draft: 2.6 meters
Height: 17.6 meters, waterline to top mast
Water displacement: 345 tons
Propulsion: Two engines, Type GM 8-268A,
two-stroke Diesel, 8 cylinder in line, each 440 HP.

Two screws individually driven by the main engines.
BB screw turning counter-clockwise; SB screw rotating clockwise.
Two identical motors for power generation for mine sweeping, one of which was in operation during mine sweeping.

Fuel storage: 28 tons of Diesel

Speed: 12 knots maximum
Service speed: 10.5 knots

The original crew consisted of:
4 officers,
5 non-commissioned officers and
30 crew members from various grades and service
A total of 39 crew members