Crew & Employees    

J.J. Beeckman, J. van Biene, J. van den Bos, P. van Dijk, J. Baljeu, B. van der Linden, B. van der Schelling,
L. van Waardenburg, C. van Saarloos, G. van Elst, H. van Wijck, J. van Duijvenvoorde, E. Bruinen, J. Vilijn,
W. Tas, A. Elmendorp, A. Zuidema, A. van Ommen, R. Lub, F. van Bergen, C. Leich, E. Dur, C. Duits,
H. Geefshuysen, B. Slot,  H. Lieffering

Part of the Bernisse crew. Some men are missing


Other employees

In addition to the permanent crew members, there are a number of employees who do not act as crews when we go sailing, but provide support in a different way, for example as a cook, radio operator, electrician and the like.

Crew members and other employees are mostly former employees of our Royal Netherlands Navy, Dutch Merchant Navy
(in a broad sense) or persons who have a maritime background or sympathy with the water.
Often these are early retirees.
Young people also feel at home in our ranks.
The Foundation is for everyone who has a warm heart for this.