Sister ship Fartøylaget KNM Alta  

Of the minesweeper type, Beemster class, 2 ships have been preserved. The sister ship of the Bernisse is the KNM Alta and is located in Norway. The ship then sailed from America and served in the Belgian navy.

KNM «Alta» is a Norwegian mine sweeper of Sauda class, which was in use from 1966 to 1996. The ship was completely built from wood or non-magnetic metals.

When the Alta was taken out of service, it became a museum ship. It is owned by the Armed Forces Museum, but is managed by the NGO Ships KNM Alta.
Oslo is the home of the KNM Alta.

The crew of the KNM ALTA is a voluntary association with around 450 members. The vast majority of the permanent crew have previously served in the navy.

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Type of mine hunter

Number M314
Hodgeson Brothers yard, Maine, USA
Launched on January 31, 1953
Operational in 1953 (US Navy)
1954 (Belgian Navy)
May 23, 1966 (The Norwegian Navy)
Out of service in 1996
Fate Museum Ship
Technical specifications
Displacement 333 tons (light ship)
384 tons (fully loaded)
Length 44 m
Width 8.5 m
Draft 2.6 m
Progress 2 × General Motors (880 HK)
Accelerate 13.5 knots
Lamps 2 × 20mm Oerlikon machine guns
Crew 40